The birth of a baby should be a natural and healthy experience in which a woman forms a lifetime bond with her child.  HypnoBirthing gives you this without the discomfort so many women have come to expect from childbirth.

The Mongan HypnoBirthing programme leads you on a journey of empowerment, self awareness and self-trust by teaching you the techniques to achieve this.

Delivering a complete birthing education programme, teaching simple techniques of self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing, your birthing experience will put you in charge.

HypnoBirthing will enable your body to totally relax through natural means allowing your birthing muscles to function as nature intended.

Gaining a greater understanding of the birthing procedure and the effect upon yourself and your baby, HypnoBirthing gives you the knowledge to relax into this process and to use that knowledge for a relaxed and healthy birth.

 With HypnoBirthing you will be fully in control of your own body. Deep relaxation through specific breathing techniques, focussed visualisations and self hypnosis give you the freedom to enjoy your birthing experience as you will take control of your environment giving you peace of mind.

HypnoBirthing will teach you that the birthing process does not have to be painful. Anxieties and Fears about childbirth can be put to rest, whether perceived or from previous traumatic births.

The benefits of choosing HypnoBirthing


  • Significantly shorter labour and birthing.
  • The ability to tap into your body’s natural pain relief.
  • Understanding what causes pain in labour and how to successfully manage it.
  • Babies born using the HypnoBirthing technique have less trauma during the birth resulting in better feeding and sleeping and are generally calmer having been born at their own pace.
  • Significantly fewer surgical births.
  • HypnoBirth mothers have higher energy, and as such achieve a rapid post natal recovery and reduced baby blues.
  • As HypnoBirthing teaches you to control your birthing experience in a calm and relaxing way it is effective in all types of birth, even C-sections.
  • Your birthing companion will be totally immersed in the birth of your baby, using the techniques that HypnoBirthing teaches you both.
  • HypnoBirthing reduces the risk of pelvic floor damage, hyperventilation, the need for chemical anaesthesia, episiotomy and other invasive interventions.
  • The techniques will also help with those mothers who are affected by high blood pressure.
  • HypnoBirthing will bring the joy and magic back into childbirth.

Is HypnoBirthing for me?


Without a doubt, HypnoBirthing can benefit all.

First timers or subsequent births.

Women whose experience has been less than satisfactory or have a fear of birth.

Those wishing a calm, natural birth.


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