Welcome to  A Calm Birth, my name is Ruby, I am a HypnoBirthing practitioner and a mother. My son was born using HypnoBirthing techniques and I was so fulfilled by the process that it inspired me to gain a greater understanding of the methods used, and to train to become a qualified Practitioner.

I first discovered HypnoBirthing™ many years before I actually fell pregnant, I instantly recognised the positive benefits that such a birth can create. When the time came to give birth to my own baby I naturally chose the HypnoBirthing option. It provided a considerably reduced labour period and delivery and importantly, it provided me with the ability and inner strength to tap into the body’s own natural methods of dealing with pain relief. 

Medication was something I didn’t want during childbirth, I wanted the birth to be as natural as possible.  HypnoBirthing provided the obvious solution and it supported me in controlling ‘pain’ without the need for prescribed drugs or medication of any description. 

I opted for the popular and original Mongan Method.I personally felt totally empowered by the Mongan Method, the programme allowed me to develop inner strength and understanding, greater self-awareness and belief in myself.  By maintaining my focus and remaining calm I was able to achieve the birth scenario that I wanted.  To my ultimate surprise the method also aroused a deeper connection between me and my unborn baby. A bond and connection that exists to this day.

Hypnobirthing defies what popular culture tells us childbirth is all about, it inspires a knowledge that fear has no place in the delivery room, and instead of fearing the pain of giving birth, I learned to embrace it. I looked forward to meeting my new baby and welcoming him into the world, and thanks to the level of control I was able to create, my son’s birth was stress and pain-free. It genuinely was an enjoyable experience.

Through education and empowerment, I possess a genuine passion to share this knowledge, and I want to pass it on to other expectant mums.  I am truly passionate about it and want to explain the process and the ultimate satisfaction Hypnobirthing can bring to childbirth. 

My teaching style is informal, relaxed and light, participants in my class enjoy the course and throughout we always find time to laugh together. I welcome question time and discussion sessions from which we can all learn. 

If this has piqued your interest, and you think HypnoBirthing is for you, or you would simply like to find out more please do contact me.

To a calm birth. 




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